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Welcome to the all-new Col Taylor Model Supplies website!


Thank you for looking us up. For those of you who have been long term customers – the wait is over. 
We have this great new website, which we’ve been promising you all for too long!

We are Col Taylor Model Supplies.  We have served the modelling public of Australia and New Zealand for more than 30 years, and we are proud of our record of service in that time as Australia’s premier mail order model shop.
This continues with our new e-Commerce website!  Col Taylor Model Supplies has now become our virtual store – online, real-time and ready to supply your modelling needs.

You may also have typed Monaro Models & Hobbies into your browser. This is our walk-in store, based in the Australian Capital Territory. 
Monaro Models & Hobbies has been around since 1994, so we have the background to help you into, or further your experience of your chosen hobby.

This website is directly linked to our retail management system.  This means that you will know what's in stock immediately we have it, and you'll get more information about those products. 

Remember, though, that we're still at the end of that phone - you aren't dealing with an off-shore call centre when you call CTMS or MMH! 
We are Aussie modellers, and are here to help you get the most out of your hobby.  

See our contact page for further information.  If in doubt about anything contained in our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please call or email us.